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how woke are you? 


“Rachel” is Sarah Adams. She speaks very publicly now. At about 11 minutes 


Black, Edwin.  2003.  War against the weak:  Eugenics and America’s campaign to create a master race.  New York: Dialog Press. 

watch Geoclimatechange https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x8BVyodH0Y 

Atlas of Agendas powerful book! 

“Atlas of agendas – mapping the power, mapping the commons“, 2015 

great videos in the comment sections -  

9 Years of Pride (Happy Birthday to Bold & Determined)

Harald Kautz 


New World Symphony – Any song as an intro.  

Kalergi Plan - http://www.renegadetribune.com/angela-merkel-kalergi-plan-destruction-white-race/ 

The Hidden history of humanity  

Man oh man! Crow777, now this excites me! They claim to be the metric against youtube censorship. I will give myself the pleasure! When I deserve it. A couple thousand of peopel who matter also  enjoy optimizing every second and spending their time on the internet.  


Aleister Crowley (The Wickedest Man In The World) 

Black Goo 


Donterr videos , nick hinton and Dru resources lol.



10$ Falt earth book, as a reward, for having completed a lot of work!  



FASCINATING –  KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov reveals Russian Subversion Tactics – Full Interview 

  1. Hi Stan. No, I’ve never seen or heard of that book. The knowledge of the Luciferian agenda comes mostly from Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall. H.P. Blavatsky and a few others. The interesting thing is that all of these preach “doing good”, but what we see happening is always the opposite. The Masons started off with a “good and pure” doctrine but what we see them doing is the opposite. But then again, a lot of them actually think they are doing good. 

Former Satanist William Schnoebelen points out in his book, Wicca, Satan’s Little White Lie, that, “I finally learned in the most graphic fashion imaginable that the difference between witchcraft or Wicca and Satanism is actually non-existent.” 

Before he was saved he found himself cruising the streets looking for a lone female to assault, not for sex, but to drink her blood. 

Harry potter specific mysitical Magik Proactices 

Man a lot about Rhodes here and a lot about the Rothschilds here. I can’t wait to be old, and having defeated literally everyone and erythign for wuite a while., I will simply read, and expand upon my mental imagery. I’m 24!  

Saturn Cube theory.  

From <http://12160.info/forum/topics/dark-secrets-of-freemasonry-satanism-and-the-rothschilds>  

Amazing and will buy, must one up all! Of these guys 

Know the coutnerargument better than your own – The Collective is right? Soemthign book.  

Black box theater. – seats anywhere. Stagrhands anywhere.  

Pagan and Christian Symbols Book – Riverside Library Heck yeah!  

Adrenochrome definition neuromelanin 


 The Murder of Reality: Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon (Serpentigena) 

From <https://www.paperbackswap.com/Murder-Reality-Hidden-Pierre-Sabak/book/0956405304/>  

Play these songs back to see if there is anything sisnister there!  

https://www.mic.com/articles/87851/11-popular-songs-the-cia-used-to-torture-prisoners-in-the-war-on-terror – posible blog topic.  

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