Second Half of 2020

The period in which I am moving on with my life.
1) I am now writing directly in my email list/ on twitter, all of the personal thoughts, it is now necessary in order to be more productive to quit the journaling habit, I need the time, and the energy. My writing, as it is will have to do.
2) I am glad I have moved up progressively my sleeping habits, and they are healthier and healthier still.
3) I take on my biggest projects now, else, the lesson I keep on learning is that there is no competition, as the sole human that Is leading the world in intelligence, I must befriend, as quickly as I can and act quick, for my followers are learning and adapting as quickly as I.
4) All Progress, now must be diverted, to my most important task. Immediately every single month if need be.
5) I have workout enough, only once every 3 days even if necessary, now its long hours in front of the computer with proper posture knocking out todos.
6) Since all Indecsivness, like the Prussians, Like every competitor, no more being nice, I have developed the community and reshaped the various echo chambers of the internet their behavior. Now it is time to act truly like the conqueror, and be merciless. You’ve given them everything. For the Rest of my life, I know that the decisions I am making now are crucial, I absolutely must take into account my whole life, and defeat, literally everyone till I am 25. Then the Reign of Vidas Kulbis. or Sebastian King. Gut tells me? Sebastian King.

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