Viva Ascendant

Creation of a Manner bund –>
~Defending Western Values ~
~Monopolizing new generation of 100k+follower Content Creaters through early, alliances ~
~ Integrity, Honor, Character~
~ Introducing the Crypto & Blockchain Age through Social Media Influencers Promotion
Top 3 Operations
1) *************************
2) *************************
3) ************************

Invite only 🙂
– Many of the OG’s in ‘Money Twtter’ ‘Aesthetic Right Twitter’ ‘Frogs’ will be invited.
– High end DC Conference for organization creation in process. Conference will be in November/December 2020.
– There will be many opportunities for leadership & collaborative or self promotion.

Seeking Investors – $50,000 – 500,000 over 2 years. –
Funds For – Hosting, Logistics, Conference Halls, Transportation, Hiring Freelance Work.

The Plan

Align interests of some of the most Blockchain Invested professionals in the world ( invite only ) Invest in future rising technologies, use vlogging to promote the use of these techologies, with the authors already established connections to top Social media influencers.

***more to come ***
November – Fundamentals/ Software’s/Team in place – Momentum from US elections
December – Publish First Drafts

2023 – Policy Presentation

The Policies

Positive, controlled engagements in La Politic. Those who have been investing in subcultures, in leadership roles to create a truly revolutionary, bold new world of physical fitness, spirituality, and autodidactism.

The Culture
->”King Culture” Strong Strategic relationships supporting other men on Social Media -> Best of Intelligent Masculinity
-> Built on Underground Twitter
-> Open Transparent sharing of the journey

Global solutions

Positive examples for upcoming generations through the Influence of Vloggers in engaging and informative segments.

How to Help/ Get involved
– > Grow audience
– >Donate to the cause from links down below, you will be contacted.

  • Support & Hold to high standard professionals.
  • Engage, create content, interact in our modern online world.

Unshakeable Intnetion, Rapidfire Execution.

21 Century Digital Knowledge Worker

Fund Us!

Bitcoin – 31y14VfNtqQmGJUSYe7wzGUq32t7MD6Pc8


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